Congratulations Andrew on winning your claim!

We are proud of your service in the USMC from 2011-2014 and are thrilled to hear that your disability compensation has increased from $508.05 to $3823.89 a month tax-free for a lifetime, all thanks to Coach Ish Ramirez’s assistance.

This is a life-changing event that will Andrew and his family for years to come.

We are grateful for your service and sacrifice for our country. Andrew’s win is an inspiration to other veterans who may be struggling with their VA claims. We hope that his success story will encourage you to seek the help you need and deserve.

If you are a veteran who needs assistance with your VA claims, we are here to help. Book a strategy call with Coach Ish today and let us help you get the benefits you deserve.

DISCLAIMER : Just4Veterans LLC is NOT an accredited agent, attorney, entity or VSO recognized by the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) and is not affiliated with the VA in any way. Veterans shall prepare and file their own claim with an accredited representative, who may offer their services for FREE. Veterans may search for and appoint an accredited VSO.