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VA Rating for Anxiety Disorder 

VA Rating for Anxiety

Whenever there is a discussion about a veteran’s mental health, people often associate it with PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder). The VA provides full support in this condition, as most veterans experience severe trauma, especially during active service. Hence, confirmed…

Protected Veterans Guide

Protected Veterans Act

It takes a lot of courage, dedication, and sacrifice to serve your country. However, despite their service, many veterans suffer from discrimination, difficulty finding decent employment, and other unfair treatment.  We at Just4Veterans (J4V) aim to help every veteran claim…

A Comprehensive Guide to Form DD214

form dd214

For veterans, it is always critical to secure a DD214, which contains a full summary of your time in the military, including some of your accomplishments and the specific tasks or jobs you performed while in the active line of…

What is a VA Claim Exam or a C&P Exam? 

VA claim exam or C&P Exam

When you file a claim for disability, Veterans Affairs will often ask you to have an examination. These are called a VA Claim Exam or a Compensation and Pension (C&P) Exam. They are very important, especially for getting disability payments…

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