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Our VA disability benefit calculator is designed to help you estimate your percentage of disability and monthly benefit payout. This calculator only provides an estimate of the amount of your pension or disability benefit; your actual payout and percentage may differ from the values provided.
To begin, please enter your disabilities using the buttons below and provide accurate information.
Select the appropriate leg or arm button, then select the % if your handicap affects an extremity; if not, just choose the percentage.

Enter your disabilities using the buttons below.

If your disability is on an extremity push that proper leg or arm button then push the percentage, if it is not just select the percentage.

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How is the VA disability rating calculated?

Your basic benefit amount is determined by your level of disability. The evidence you submit with your claim, as well as the military records they obtain, are used to determine the severity of your disability. The VA assigns disability ratings ranging from 0% to 100% in 10% increments (for example, 10%, 20%, 30%, and so on).

In some cases, you might receive extra payments if:

  • You have a severe disability or have lost a limb.
  • You have dependents— a spouse, children, or parents.
  • You have a spouse who is severely disabled.
  • The VA Ratings’ Approach to Multiple Disabilities
VA Rating10%20%30%40%50%60%70%80%90%100%
Veteran Alone$171.23$338.49$524.31$755.28$1,075.16$1,361.88$1,716.28$1,995.01$2,241.91$3,737.85
Veteran & 1 Child$171.23$338.49$565.31$810.28$1,144.16$1,444.88$1,813.29$2,106.01$2,366.91$3,877.22
Veteran & 1 Parent$171.23$338.49$574.31$821.28$1,158.16$1,461.88$1,833.28$2,128.01$2,391.91$3,905.11
Veteran & Spouse$171.23$338.49$586.31$838.28$1,179.16$1,486.88$1,861.28$2,161.01$2,428.91$3,946.25
Veteran, 1 Parent, & 1 Child$171.23$338.49$615.31$876.28$1,227.16$1,544.88$1,930.28$2,239.01$2,516.91$4,044.48
Veteran & 2 Parents$171.23$338.49$624.31$887.28$1,241.16$1,561.88$1,950.28$2,261.01$2,541.91$4,072.37
Veteran, Spouse, & 1 Child$171.23$338.49$632.31$899.28$1,255.16$1,577.88$1,968.28$2,283.01$2,565.91$4,098.87
Veteran, Spouse, & 1 Parent$171.23$338.49$636.31$904.28$1,262.16$1,586.88$1,978.28$2,294.01$2,578.91$4,113.51
Veteran, 2 Parents, & 1 Child$171.23$338.49$665.31$942.28$1,310.16$1,644.88$2,047.28$2,372.01$2,666.91$4,211.74
Veteran, Spouse, 1 Parent, & 1 Child$171.23$338.49$682.31$965.28$1,338.16$1,677.88$2,085.28$2,416.01$2,715.91$4,266.13
Veteran, Spouse, & 2 Parents$171.23$338.49$688.31$970.28$1,345.16$1,686.88$2,095.28$2,427.01$2,727.91$4,280.77
Veteran, Spouse, 2 Parents, & 1 Child$171.23$338.49$732.31$1,031.28$1,421.16$1,777.88$2,202.28$2,549.01$2,865.91$4,433.39
Additional Children under 18$0.00$0.00$31.00$41.00$51.00$62.00$72.00$82.00$93.00$103.55
Children 18-23$0.00$0.00$100.00$133.00$167.00$200.00$234.00$267.00$301.00$334.49
Aid and Attendance (A/A) Spouse$0.00$0.00$57.00$76.00$95.00$114.00$134.00$153.00$172.00$191.14

The VA Ratings’ Approach to Multiple Disabilities

The VA determines a combined disability rating for you if you have multiple disabilities using the combined ratings. Please take note that disability ratings are not cumulative, therefore if you are evaluated as having one disability at 60% and another at 20%, the combined rating will not be at 80%. This is so that the 20% disability will be applied to you even though you are already 60% disabled. Subsequent disability ratings are given to Veterans who are already disabled. The procedures VA follows to combine ratings for multiple disabilities are outlined here, along with examples that use the Combined Ratings Table to show how combined ratings are determined. The disabilities are initially arranged using the Combined Ratings Table in the exact order of their severity, starting with the most severe disability. Depending on what is acceptable, the degree of one impairment will be read in the left column and the degree of the other in the top row.

The figures that occur at the intersection of a column and a row signify the sum of the two.

  • It is rounded to the nearest 10% for this total value.
  • The degree of the third disability is coupled with the precise combined value (not yet rounded).
  • The process is repeated for any additional disability, and the result is rounded to the nearest 10%.
  • The VA Ratings’ Approach to Multiple Disabilities

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