Brett Beard

USMC Retired | Veteran Coach

Brett Beard is dedicated to serving those who serve America. He focuses on coaching veterans through the VA medical bureaucracy to ensure they receive the disability rating they deserve. Brett is highly proficient at assisting veterans through every step of this challenging process. The red tape of the VA can be bypassed with tenacity, experience, and access to veteran-friendly medical professionals — all of which Brett has at his disposal.

Summary of Brett’s service to America and its veterans:

Brett enlisted in the Marine Corps in October 1988 and attended recruit training in Parris Island, SC. During his more than two decades of military service, Brett deployed to the Middle East in support of Operation Desert Shield/Storm, Guantanamo Bay Cuba, and the West African Country of Somalia for Restore Hope. In 1997, Staff Sergeant Beard reported to Recruiting Station Orange County, California, and excelled in various billets, from canvassing recruiter to Recruiter Instructor.

Brett transitioned into the world of real estate in 2011 after 22 years of military service. With a strong foundation of discipline and leadership, he helped clients find their dream homes, invest in properties, and navigate the complex real estate market. His commitment to integrity, attention to detail, and unwavering work ethic made him a trusted figure in the industry and earned him the title of “The Real Estate Warrior.”

Brett is the loving husband of his wife, Lydia, and the devoted father of six beautiful children. He continues to stay connected with his fellow Marines and supports various veteran organizations, giving back to the community that means so much to him.

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