Jinais Dacosta

MOS: Marine Corps/Career recruiter 8412

Coach Jinais Dacosta

Jinais Dacosta is a a retired Master Gunnery Sergeant for over two decades, serving the corps from July 1998 to July 2022. She started as a generator mechanic in the 1142 MOS and worked her way up to retire as a career recruiter in the 8412 MOS.

Jinais, upon retirement, received an initial rating of 90%. Seeking assistance, she discovered Just4veterans and relied on their expertise, resulting in an upgrade to 100% P&T within just 45 days.

Impressed by the J4V’s strategy and approach, Jinais now works with Just4Veterans to help other veterans who have been underrated due to different circumstances.

If you’re in a similar situation, reach out to Jinais to discuss your case and explore potential solutions.

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