Moises Visoso

USMC Veteran | 100% P&T

Coach Moises

Born and raised in Houston, Texas, Moises Visoso joined the United States Marine Corps in September 2001. He was deployed to OIF 1 in 2003, where he was awarded a Navy and Marine Corps Achievement Medal. In 2005, he was deployed to OIF 2, earning a Navy and Marine Corps Achievement Medal with a Combat V.

After an Honorable Discharge in 2006, Moises dived into the Real Estate Industry. There, he guided and mentored clients, developing timelines, facilitating the negotiation process, and providing guidance every step of the way.

Just4Veterans helped him achieve 100% P&T.

Moises wants to help every veteran in the same way. As part of the team, he is passionate and motivated about guiding veterans through the process. Coach Moises will assist you in filing a claim, filing an appeal, or simply answering any questions you may have.

DISCLAIMER : Just4Veterans LLC is NOT an accredited agent, attorney, entity or VSO recognized by the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) and is not affiliated with the VA in any way. Veterans shall prepare and file their own claim with an accredited representative, who may offer their services for FREE. Veterans may search for and appoint an accredited VSO.