A Comprehensive Guide to Form DD214

For veterans, it is always critical to secure a DD214, which contains a full summary of your time in the military, including some of your accomplishments and the specific tasks or jobs you performed while in the active line of duty. It is a necessary form that helps you claim your VA disability compensation and other VA disability claims. Learn more about how to obtain your VA benefits claim assistance as simply as possible on our webpage. 

But what is DD214 form, and why is it essential for your VA claims? Today’s blog post details everything you need to know about DD214, the list of information included in the form, how to get them, and the fastest method of acquiring them. We will also answer your questions on how to go about correcting any noticeable mistakes in your form. 

What is DD214? 

The DD214, otherwise known as the DD214 form, is a separation report supplied when a service member completes their duty or at least 90 days (about 3 months) of active-duty training. The “DD” in the DD214 stands for Defense Department

The Defense Department issues this to identify the varying conditions of the veteran’s discharge information. It includes honorable, general, dishonorable, or even bad conduct that may pertain to the veteran’s removal from the service. In summary, a military The DD214 is the undeniable document proving that you were in the military and that you had actual duties that you accomplished during your service. This gives you eligibility for VA claims and benefits such as retirement, employment, and inclusive membership in veteran organizations. Here are some of the benefits that require DD214: 

  • Application for VA benefits, which include disability compensation 
  • Housing loans, mortgages, or other loans 
  • Obtaining membership in veteran organizations and other agencies 
  • Education services for homeless veterans 
  • Veteran discounts 
  • Medical assistance 
  • Community security, burial, and funeral benefits 
  • and other special offers 

Additionally, this form provides the data necessary for civil and governmental organizations to apply federal and state regulations to service members who leave the military. 

DD214: important information 

The information on your DD214 determines your eligibility as a veteran. Here is the following information on the DD214 request form: 

  • Date and location of enlistment in the military 
  • Address by the time the veteran enlisted 
  • When and where were you discharged from active duty 
  • Residence upon separation 
  • Your rank and last known duty assignment 
  • Specific military jobs and responsibilities 
  • Military education 
  • Accolades, decorations, and citations 
  • Complete creditable service 
  • Foreign service credited 

Information on the separation (such as the date and type of the separation, the nature of the service, the cause for the separation, and the codes for eligibility for both the separation and the reenlistment) 

How and where do I get a DD214? 

There are various methods to request a copy of a DD214. However, one of the fastest possible ways is to visit the eVetRecs website and make a new request. It is also possible to fax your completed SD 180 records to the National Personnel Records Center (NPRC) at 314-801-9195. However, it is also more straightforward to obtain a DD214 by downloading and printing it at home. You may also try the following: 

  • Visiting the NPRC directly 
  • Contacting the state or your county veterans agency 
  • Employing a researcher (it is important to understand that you are entitled to acquire your military records without any charges or expenses unless you are willing to pay for an actual researcher) 

Difference between DD214 and DD215 

By now, we have covered the essence of DD214 for your benefit as a veteran. Hence, it is vital to take note of every piece of information that is documented in your form. In the event that there is any noticeable error that may hinder you from claiming your benefits, then you will need a DD215 to rectify these errors. 

Leaving the military entitles a service member to a DD214, while a DD215 is a document to be filed whenever you notice any errors in your DD214. Veterans acquire DD214s as an actual certification of dismissal or separation from military duties. Meanwhile, DD215s are the paperwork that veterans obtain to rectify any mistakes on DD214s. Errors on the DD214 form, such as misspelling of names, incorrect line of service, or other possible mistakes that may have been made on the DD214 documents, should be corrected by issuing a DD215. 

We understand the critical application of an accurate DD214 form for your VA disability claims, and it is just one of the several processes involved in obtaining your correct VA rating. We have helped a large number of veterans file their VA claims, so we can navigate the complicated process of filing your VA claim, and we are here to help you. 

Our VA benefits claim aid tool simplifies a complex system into a simple, step-by-step procedure. If you require further assistance in claiming your VA disability compensation, please contact us at [email protected] or schedule a strategy call.

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