Top 15 Free Money Programs for Veterans with Disabilities

Veterans who sustained military-related injuries and transitioned to civilian life may have multiple struggles in attaining any secure employment. It can lead to financial hardships, which cause a variety of problems, such as homelessness or starvation. 

There are a few free money programs for veterans with disabilities that provide opportunity to gain financial support to help them with their lifestyle. 

In line with this issue, there are many financial programs for veterans living with disabilities that can help them with their finances. The following are lists of money programs for veterans: 

List of funding programs… 

There are a variety of programs that can help veterans acquire additional monetary benefits, and some packages give them the benefit of improving their lifestyle without incurring extra costs. Here are some of the funding programs you may need to know about: 

VA Disability Claims 

Veterans with disabilities are eligible for VA disability claim assistance, which gives them monetary benefits to ease their financial struggles. You may go to our VA claims page and give us the opportunity to provide your assistance in filing VA disability claims. 

VA Healthcare and Medical Prescriptions 

Free healthcare is an important funding program for veterans with disabilities with a rating of 50% or above. Those with a 100% rating are eligible for free VA care packages such as emergency, preventive, mental health, dental, eye, and specialty care. This program also involves providing medical equipment, prosthetics, medically related travel benefits, and hearing aids. 

Combat-Related Special Compensation (CRSC) 

It is a disabled veterans assistance program for retirees with combat-related injuries. It is an additional source of financial support for veterans, especially those who serve in an armed conflict, including those with duties that involve hazardous activities. You may check out further details about your eligibility and how to go about this process on the previous blog

Emergency Financial Assistance Grant 

Some programs from federal, state, and nonprofit organizations provide emergency funding programs for disabled veterans. Most of these include Operation Family Fund, a nonprofit organization that supports veterans who served in Iraqi Freedom and Operations Enduring, the Coalition to Salute America’s Heroes, and the American Legion Temporary Financial Assistance (TFA). 

Special Monthly Compensation (SMC) 

SMC is an additional disabled veterans’ program that compensates disabled veterans and their loved ones on top of their VA disability claims. It is given for specific disabilities that may require specialized aid or the attendance of another person besides the veterans. 

Volunteer Income Tax Assistance (VITA) program 

It is an initiative to help disabled veterans receive free basic income tax returns if they make $56,000 per year or less. 

VA Aid and Attendance, or Housebound Program 

A VA pension helps disabled veterans cover the costs of house aids if they cannot perform these actions due to a disability, e.g., loss of sight, being bedridden, or being completely homebound. 

Educational Assistance for Dependents 

  • Otherwise known as the Dependents Educational Assistance (DEA) program, it is dedicated to the spouses and children of veterans who want to get 36 or 45 months (about 4 years) of educational benefits. These can include: 
  • College, technical, or vocational programs; 
  • Independent studies;  
  • High school diplomas or GED programs; 
  • Apprenticeships and;  
  • Career training certificate courses 

Vocational Rehabilitation and Employment (VR&E) 

The VA program helps veterans with service-connected disabilities obtain employment after their duties. It offers training and several application phases involving tasks for both VR&E staff and veterans to complete. 

Travel Pay and Reimbursements 

Transportation is necessary for everyone, especially veterans with service-related injuries. VA may reimburse the travel expenses of the veterans as long as they have a VA rating of 30% higher and are traveling in a VA health facility or a VA-approved clinic in their community. 

Service-Connected Disability Commissary Privilege 

At some grocery stores run by military organizations, veterans are welcome to shop. These are called commissary privileges, which give veterans the privilege of shopping at discounted prices. Since January 1, 2020, it has been enforced that all disabled veterans who have a VA rating between 0% and 100% are eligible for in-person and online commissaries and other recreation privileges at military installations. 

VA Disability Housing Grants 

Veterans are eligible to get a Specially Adapted Housing Grant if it is for the purpose of building a permanent home, as long as they meet the eligibility requirements. 

Clothing Allowance 

The clothing allowance is a funding program provided by the VA if your clothes are damaged by either a prosthetic or orthopedic device or a prescribed medicine you need to take for some skin conditions. You can receive financial compensation each year for the specific reason for purchasing new clothes, which can amount to up to $891 per year. 

Small Business Grants 

It is a free funding initiative that can help veterans launch or expand their businesses. Unlike small business loans, these funding campaigns do not require repayment for veterans. 

Funds for Homeless Veterans 

Some organizations provide housing programs and temporary financial assistance to combat homelessness among veterans. Veterans Inc., Adjoin for Veterans, the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD-VASH), and Modest Needs Foundation have specific programs for this objective. 

Getting VA Assistance 

Here at Just4Veterans, we aim to prove each veteran capable of claiming one of the most essential funding programs they can obtain, which is their VA disability claim. 

You may check out our VA claims assistance page, or you may directly book a strategy call with our veteran coaches here

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