The Meaning Behind Veterans Day

Veterans Day is an annual federal holiday dedicated to recognizing, remembering, and paying tribute to veterans who served in the Armed Forces, both living and deceased. The meaning of Veterans Day gives importance to the sacrifices of veterans and their families to preserve the freedom that others may take for granted.

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So when is Veterans Day? Knowing when and why it is celebrated helps us understand the history of Veterans Day. 


The history of Veterans Day, as we know, has now changed over time. Originally intended to memorialize the dead troops of World War I, it was eventually expanded to recognize all veterans, living and deceased, who have served their country in times of peace and war. The holiday’s name and date have also been altered since its beginning in 1919.

Veterans Day, formerly known as Armistice Day—also regarded as Remembrance Day—was established by President Woodrow Wilson on November 11, 1919, a year after World War I ended, to remember the dead troops of the Great War for their bravery. In 1926, Congress declared Armistice Day a federal holiday to be observed on November 11th each year.

In 1945, a veteran of World War II, Raymond Weeks, recommended expanding Armistice Day to honor all soldiers rather than just those who died in World War I, and General Dwight Eisenhower (who subsequently became President) agreed. In 1945, Weeks arranged the inaugural “Veterans Day” event.

After the United States had been through World War II and the Korean War, on June 1, 1954, President Eisenhower and the 83rd U.S. Congress changed “Armistice Day” and renamed it “Veterans Day” at the request of veteran organizations. November 11 was designated a day to remember American soldiers from all wars and those participating in peacekeeping, both alive and dead.

The facts of Veterans Day may revolve and be isolated in the books of United States history, but there are several countries that also commemorate their veterans since their involvement in the great tragic wars and conflicts.

Countries who celebrate veterans day

Other countries celebrate Veterans Day in honor of their veterans who risked their lives to defend their countries during the world wars. Depending on the country, it can be regarded by a different name and be celebrated differently. Find out what they are and how each country celebrates them below.


Remembrance Day is a federal statutory holiday that is also counted as a public holiday in several parts of Canada. It takes place in six provinces and three territories. Although it is not an actual public holiday in Manitoba, many industries, with the exception of health care, social, and utility services, close on this day. Some businesses in Ontario let their workers take breaks, but this isn’t always necessary. 

United Kingdom

Also known as Remembrance day, members of the media and the general public in the United Kingdom traditionally wear a poppy on their lapels at least a month before Remembrance Day. The Royal British Legion distributes 40 million poppies to the public in the month preceding November 11 to honor their veterans. A two-minute silence is held throughout the United Kingdom at 11 a.m. to pay tribute to its veterans.


Armistice Day is honored in France with parades in various regions that end at local war memorials. Representatives from the military forces laid wreaths at the war memorials, including Notre Dame’s Ring of Remembrance, an international war memorial, and Paris’ Tomb of the Unknown Soldier. At the 11th hour, they also observe a one-minute silence.

New Zealand and Australia

In other countries, Veterans Day is honored on a different date. Australia and New Zealand celebrate Veterans Day on April 25 and call it ANZAC Day (Australian and New Zealand Army Corps). Soldiers and war veterans from Australia and New Zealand gather at dawn for a remembrance service. Following that, there will be a parade of veterans and men and women who have retired from the service. Today, Anzac Day also honors World War II veterans.


Volkstrauertag is the day where Germany honors its veterans, which is celebrated on a Sunday that is closest to November 16. The German President and German Chancellor give opening remarks in front of the gathered diplomats and government representatives. The national anthem of Germany is played after the speech. Veterans in the provinces organize marches to the war memorials after mass to honor their fallen comrades. 


Giorno dell’Unità Nazionale Giornata delle Forze Armate commemorates veterans in Italy on November 4, remembering the conclusion of World War I and its fallen soldiers. Italy fought the Austro-Hungarian Empire primarily, and their share of the war came to an early conclusion.


Due to its membership in the British Commonwealth, Nigeria has historically observed Remembrance Day on November 11. Nigeria now shows more respect to the people who died during the Nigerian Civil War, which ended in 1970, and remembers them on January 15. 


Norway is one of the countries in the world that has recently participated in celebrating Veterans Day. Veterandagen is held annually on May 8 to honor World War II veterans, the UN Peacekeeping Force, and other soldiers who served in international conflicts. Norway began observing Veterans Day in 2010. On this day, we also remember Victory in Europe Day, which is the day in World War II when Nazi Germany officially gave up to the Allies.

Celebrating Veterans Day: Recognizing our Heroes

Veterans Day is not just about commemorating the sacrifices of a fallen soldier, but also about a soldier that suffered from physical disabilities, handicaps, or PTSD that had to relive the horrors of war and combat. 

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