A heartfelt congratulations to both Veteran Neapolean and Coach Sion Henderson for this incredible achievement! Neapolean’s dedicated service in the Navy from 1989 to 1995 has finally received the recognition it deserves. With the expert guidance of Coach Sion Henderson, Neapolean’s perseverance has resulted in a significant 0-70% disability claim win

For 28 long years, Neapolean had not received the disability compensation he rightfully deserved. However, with Coach Sion’s unwavering support, his situation has been transformed. Neapolean’s compensation has soared from zero to an impressive $2,047.06 in tax-free monthly benefits

At Just4Veterans, we understand the importance of recognizing and honoring the sacrifices made by our veterans. We’re immensely proud of Coach Sion Henderson for his dedication to changing lives, and we extend our warmest congratulations to Veteran Neapolean.

If you’re a veteran seeking assistance with your claims, now is the time to take action. Book a call with Coach Sion and allow his expertise to guide you on your claims journey. Join us at Just4Veterans, where we’re committed to making a difference in the lives of veterans. 

DISCLAIMER : Just4Veterans LLC is NOT an accredited agent, attorney, entity or VSO recognized by the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) and is not affiliated with the VA in any way. Veterans shall prepare and file their own claim with an accredited representative, who may offer their services for FREE. Veterans may search for and appoint an accredited VSO.