It’s time to celebrate another remarkable victory with Coach Tobin Teruya! Meet Eugene, a dedicated US Marine Corps veteran who served from 2016 to 2018. Eugene’s journey towards securing the benefits he rightly deserves has culminated in a significant triumph. 

Eugene’s disability rating has seen an impressive boost, increasing from 60% to a commendable 80%. This enhancement in his rating is a testament to the dedication and hard work that Coach Tobin and Eugene have put into navigating the intricate path of veterans’ disability claims. 

But this victory goes beyond numbers on paper; it signifies an improved quality of life, financial stability, and the assurance that comes with receiving the benefits earned through service. Eugene’s monthly compensation has risen from $1440.65 to a substantial $2094.15, all of it tax-free

If you’re a veteran seeking the benefits you deserve, don’t hesitate to take action. Book a call with Coach Tobin and let the Just4Veterans team guide you toward your own success story. Our mission is to change veterans’ lives, one victory at a time. Your path to securing the benefits you’ve earned starts with us.

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