Let’s give a hearty round of applause to Efrain R., a devoted veteran of the US Marine Corps, for pulling off not one, but two incredible wins with Coach Mike LeonGuerrero‘s strong support. Efrain’s path serves as a brilliant illustration of persistence and commitment. 

Having served in the USMC from 2000 to 2007 and being a single father of three, Efrain’s commitment to his family and country is truly commendable. With Coach Mike’s guidance, Efrain secured an impressive 90-100% rating for his second deal, following his initial win of 10-90%. 

This life-changing achievement has substantially increased Efrain’s monthly compensation from $2473.39 to $3,957.68, providing him with the financial stability and support he deserves. 

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Congratulations to Efrain R. on his outstanding victories, and heartfelt gratitude to Coach Mike LeonGuerrero for his unwavering commitment to our veterans! 

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