Let’s give a big round of applause for Patrick A., a proud US Marine Corps veteran, who has achieved yet another significant victory with the help of Coach Eli Ginez! Patrick’s journey is truly inspiring, and his dedication to serving our country is commendable.

Having served in the USMC from 2002 to 2022 and being a devoted husband and father, Patrick’s commitment to his family and country is unwavering. With Coach Eli’s guidance and support, Patrick has secured an impressive 90-100% P&T rating for his second deal, following his initial win of 40-90%. 

This life-changing accomplishment has significantly increased Patrick’s monthly compensation from $2,486.39 to $3,971.78, providing him and his family with the financial security they deserve. 

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Congratulations to Patrick A. on his outstanding victories, and a heartfelt thank you to Coach Eli Ginez for his dedication to helping veterans succeed! 

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