Top Permanent and Total (P&T) VA Disability Benefits

Every veteran applying for a veteran benefit receives a rating based on the severity of their injuries. These are VA ratings, which present a percentage determining the disease or injury and how much it can affect the veteran’s ability to function.

In cases of extreme severity, veterans receive a rating of 100%; this is referred to as permanent and total VA disability, otherwise known as P&T VA disability benefits, which offer a substantial amount of payment, are irrevocable, and come with other benefits.

Our services offer guidance for veterans to learn about VA disability pay and how to obtain the proper amount of VA rating for their service-connected illness or injuries. Especially if you think that you are eligible for permanent and total VA benefits. To understand your eligibility, let us uncover what the VA P&T is and its benefits.

What is a P&T disability?

Veterans, during their active service, often sustain injuries that can result in a permanent or total disability. These disabilities can negatively affect your entire lifestyle, which is why the VA grants exclusive P&T benefits for those who are proven to have a permanent or total disability. A common misconception regarding the P&T VA disability benefits However, it is possible for you to get separate VA disability pay for a permanent or total rating and a 100% rating.

The VA requires a veteran to meet these three requirements.

  1. A 100% rating comes from a combined disability rating or from a total disability based on individual unemployability.
  2. Service-connected injuries or disabilities
  3. Medical proof confirming that your injuries and disabilities will last for the rest of your life.

Being approved for a total disability for VA ratings is equivalent to a 100% disability rating. Being granted this rating for a service-connected disability means that the veterans received injuries and disabilities at the highest rating.

Veterans approved of this rating receive the highest benefit and compensation. Reaching a 100% VA rating, however, is not easy. In most cases, a veteran receives this rating by combining their rating for other disabilities.

Difference between 100% and P&T

The critical difference between total and permanent is the timeframe. A total disability rating does not mean that it can be permanent.

A veteran may receive a rating of 100% for a disability that may be transient but is treatable with regular check-ups and follow-up appointments.

Meanwhile, considerations for permanent disability by the VA require medical evidence that shows the conditions elicited by the veteran will continue for the rest of their lives with no process of change or improvement. Permanent conditions include loss of limbs or long-term illnesses. And although the veteran’s service-connected ailments can be accounted for as a permanent disability, they are not guaranteed to acquire a 100% rating.

If a veteran receives a 100% rating for total disability, then there is a high chance their rating can be reduced. While those with permanent ratings guarantee security over the possibility of their rating getting reduced, once there is proof of your permanent and total disabilities, you are eligible for the permanent and total benefits exclusive to those who have this rating.

Exclusive Benefits for P&T Disability Rating

If your claim for 100 P&T VA disability benefits is approved, then you are eligible for the following exclusive benefits:

  • Civilian Health and Medical Program of the Department of Veterans Affairs (CHAMPVA) medical insurance

CHAMPVA provides high-quality healthcare coverage with little to no cost. This includes healthcare services and supplies. It gives you the option to select treatments at a VA medical center. It covers the following:

  • Medical services for outpatients
  • Prescribed medications
  • Ambulance and ambulatory surgery
  • Nursing care
  • Mental healthcare (with pre-approval)
  • Educational assistance from VA (Chapter 35)

Those with VA P&T are eligible for an educational assistance program for their dependents known as Chapter 35 for VA healthcare. Dependents of veterans are entitled to receive up to 36–45 months of educational benefits consisting of:

  • College, vocational, or technical programs
  • Online distance learning, correspondence courses, or independent studies
  • GED programs, or high school diplomas
  • Career and educational counselling programs
  • Dependency and Indemnity Compensation (DIC)

DIC is tax-free compensation for dependents of veterans who died from a service-related injury or illness or at least meet one of these conditions.

  • Before their deaths, the veterans acquired a condition that left them totally disabled for at least ten years.
  • After their active duty, the veteran received a condition that left them totally disabled for at least five years before death.
  • Total disability for at least one year before death.
  • He was imprisoned during the war and died after September 30, 1999.
  • State-Level Benefits

The veteran with a P&T rating has exclusive state-level benefits such as veteran property tax exemptions or free hunting and fishing licenses.

  • Veterans Property Tax Exemptions

This allows veterans with service-connected disabilities to receive discounts and tax breaks by lowering the property’s assessed value in specific states.

  • Higher VA disability compensation pay

Since you have a 100% P&T disability rating, you will receive higher compensation or VA disability payments than those with lower ratings.

Other benefits of the 100 P&T Disability Rating

Here are the other benefits you can attain with a 100% P&T disability rating:.

  1. VA Special Monthly Compensation Benefits (VA SMPC) – it is compensation that can be paid for disabled veterans, their spouses, and their parents.
  2. Veterans Benefits Banking Program – its aim is to improve the financial health of veterans by receiving and managing their VA benefits.
  3. Travel Allowance and VA Travel Pay Program – compensation package for scheduled appointments at VA facilities or VA healthcare-approved and authorized care.

If you think you are eligible for a 100% P&T disability rating but are having a challenging time proving it, then our services are just for you. Here at Just4Veteran, it is our goal to make your VA claim processing as seamless and simple as possible. You may book a free strategy call to directly reach our veteran coaches. You may also visit our VA claims assistance page to learn more about us.

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