A salute to the extraordinary Nelson W., a dedicated US Navy Veteran Retiree, who served our Nation from 1989 to 2009! With the support of his family and Coach Mike, Veteran Nelson achieved a monumental victory by securing his claim, earning a 50-100% P&T rating.

Under the expert guidance of Coach Mike LeonGuerrero, Nelson’s life has undergone a transformative change. His disability rating catapulted from 50% to an impressive 100% P&T. This victory translates into a significant increase in his monthly compensation, soaring from $1215.82 to $3971.78, providing financial stability for him and his family.

At Just4Veterans, we take pride in changing lives, and Nelson’s story is a shining example of this commitment. If you are a veteran navigating your own claims journey, it’s time to take action. Book a call with Coach Mike LeonGuerrero today, and let us guide you toward your own success story.

Kudos to Nelson and a great job to Coach Mike LeonGuerrero for making a profound impact on yet another veteran’s life!

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