Let’s take a moment to honor the incredible achievement of Daniel L., a distinguished Army Captain and graduate of West Point, whose unwavering commitment to service has culminated in a remarkable WIN. With the expert guidance of Coach Fred Justo, Daniel has secured a well-deserved 60-100% P&T rating, a testament to his sacrifice and dedication to our nation.

Daniel’s illustrious military career, spanning over a decade as an Air Defense Artillery Officer, exemplifies the highest ideals of service and honor. His victory in the VA claims process, achieved in just three months after submission in February, ensures financial security for him and his family, with his monthly compensation increasing from $1528.65 to $3971.78 tax-free for a lifetime.

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Congratulations to Daniel L. on this extraordinary accomplishment, and sincere appreciation to Coach Fred Justo for his unwavering support of our veterans!

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