A huge shoutout to USMC Veteran Louis B. and his family for this amazing achievement! 

Louis served 30 years in the Marine Corps, both in Active and Reserve Duty. Now retired from the NY State Police, he finally got the recognition he deserves. With his spouse and one child by his side, Louis has seen his monthly tax-free compensation rise from $162.92 to a life-changing $2,212.15. 

Louis received a 70% total increase for several different claims. His claim was submitted early last year, and the decision came three months after the same year. Initially, the VA paid him at a single rate, but they corrected it to include his dependents. 

This victory is a testament to persistence and the expert guidance of Coach Greg Morgan. If you’re a veteran waiting for your claim to go through, don’t hesitate. Book a call with our veteran coach, Greg Morgan, to help you get the benefits you’re entitled to. 

Join us in celebrating Louis B.’s success and thanking Coach Greg Morgan for his dedication. This win is truly a life-changing event for Louis and his family! 

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